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With a palm sized inflation pump,we will bid farewell to the

Nowadays, family cars have entered more and more families, but when it comes to tires, I'm afraid it's easy to ignore, but it's also one of the most critical places. If there is a problem with the tire, naturally I have to go to the tire shop to repair it. However, during the previous epidemic period, the tire pressure of my car was on the low side. It happened that all the tire repair shops on the street were closed, which worried me. In desperation, he found a friend's help and used his portable air pump to solve the problem.
Although this matter has passed for some time, but now in retrospect, still let me have a lingering fear. At the same time, the electric car at home also needs to be inflated occasionally, so I want to start one myself. Because this kind of thing is not used frequently, so I want to buy a reliable brand, otherwise it will not be worth the loss if it fails again after being idle for a period of time. I also saw a lot of such products on the Internet, until I found the youth version of the 70 mile tire inflation pump. As far as I'm concerned, it's not the first time I've been exposed to 70 miles. Their car peripheral products cover a wide range. Let's take a look at the inflatable pump.
The first feeling is that it is small, very portable, even smaller than a piece of A4 paper. It's a square shape. At first sight, you don't even think it's an air pump. On the front of it, in addition to a digital display screen, there are four buttons with different functions, which look simple and clear at a glance.
When it comes to portability, storage is also a top priority. In the back of the inflation pump, there is a small cassette, which can conveniently store the power cord and the inflation nozzle. What I like most is the storage of the inflation tube, which is a bit similar to the winding method of the earphone cable before us. Just wind the cable in the card slot in order.
After opening the small cassette, not only the power cord is stored inside, but also there are three air nozzles with different specifications, which are used to inflate different tires. In my opinion, the storage of these three little guys also reflects the designer's intention. After all, it can effectively reduce the probability of air nozzle loss.
In terms of power supply, we need to use the car lighter to get power. If you want to inflate the car, you can plug it directly into the cigarette lighter without any pressure. But if you want to inflate the electric car or basketball, I'm afraid you still need to find a car to work normally with the help of the car's electricity. If there is a built-in battery, I'm afraid it can't be better.
Next, let's talk about inflation. When I use it to inflate a car tire, the inflation pipe interface is well adapted to the air nozzle of the tire, and it can be directly screwed on without any swivel interface, which is quite convenient. At this time, the inflation pump will directly display the current tire pressure value. According to the addition and subtraction buttons on the machine, the tire pressure value can be adjusted directly. When the inflation reaches the set value, it will stop automatically.
Now that the appearance is finished, let's talk about the inside. The key of the air pump is the motor and cylinder. In fact, it is the same as a tire. Once it runs continuously for a long time, it will inevitably generate heat. Therefore, it is very important to find a motor with high efficiency and low heat. According to official data, it can work continuously for 30 minutes and fill the tire every five minutes. In fact, this achievement is very good for such a small air pump.
With it, when we go out, we don't have to worry about the problem of tire pressure. After all, during this epidemic, I can't find a place to inflate, which really worries me for a long time. And now with this 70 mile air pump, it's no problem to inflate the electric car and basketball at home. What's more, it's worth 109 yuan now. What do you think?



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