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What kind of vehicle inflation pump is safe and reliable?

You just need to know a little bit about the car air pump.
1. The rated voltage of ordinary cars is 12V, which is the same all over the world. If it exceeds 12V, it is abnormal.
2. The rated current of automobile fuse is 10A. If it exceeds 10a, the fuse will burn out.
3. The tire pressure of general family car is 2.5kg, SUV and off-road vehicle will be larger, but not more than 4kg. Therefore, it's better to inflate the tire according to the basic parameters of the tire when filling the tire. It's not safe if the tire is too full or too little.
4. In the process of filling the tire, the current will increase with the increase of tire pressure.
5. According to 1 and 2, as well as power% 3D voltage x current, we can know that the maximum power of the inflation pump should not exceed 120W, more than 120W, because the voltage is constant, then the sacrifice will be the current, the current will exceed 10a, then the car fuse will be burned.
To sum up, when friends buy portable vehicle mounted air pump for themselves or others, they must not believe that the higher the power is, the better. That way, the current will be very large and it will be very unsafe.



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