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Vehicle mounted air pump for travel safety

As a professional manufacturer of automobile products, 70mai has significantly improved the speed of new product development this year. For example, some time ago, it not only launched a new rear-view mirror recorder, but also launched a new category of products - child safety seats. And just recently, 70mai has launched two new products - intelligent driving assistant and vehicle inflation pump. For these two products, we also received the evaluation products for the first time, and will bring you our experience.
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The 0-mile intelligent driving assistant can also be connected with the 70 mile tire pressure monitoring and air purifier, and the current status can be displayed on the screen. In addition, the 70 mile intelligent driving assistant also supports the interconnection with smart devices at home (some smart devices that support the binding of "Mi Jia" app). Before using this function, you need to add a 70 mile intelligent driving assistant to the "Mi Jia" app, and then you can voice control the intelligent devices in your home during driving.
The 70 mile intelligent driving assistant has a built-in voice assistant called "Xiaoai classmate". Navigation, listening to songs, inquiring about the weather and opening the air purifier at home can be done in one sentence. Compared with the situation that ordinary equipment can not use voice when the network is poor or there is no network, the 70m intelligent driving assistant supports voice offline control. The built-in microphone can eliminate the noise and improve the accuracy of voice recognition.
As an intelligent product, the 70 mile intelligent driving assistant can achieve more functions by combining with a special app. For example, after the vehicle stops, it will automatically locate the current position and take a picture. It can also send navigation location, wechat pick-up, view driving photo album, etc., and support viewing driving records and itinerary list.
On the whole, the 70 mile intelligent driving assistant not only has built-in navigation, voice, driving record and ADAS functions, but also supports FM transmission, entertainment media, Bluetooth phone and Mi Jia intelligent device control. The rich functions can meet the needs of users. We can regard the 70m intelligent driving assistant as the center console version of the 70m intelligent rear-view mirror, which is very suitable for car owners who are not used to using the intelligent rear-view mirror and have no central control screen.
Automobile tires are as important as human feet, so we need to pay attention to tire wear and tire pressure. Nowadays, most cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring function when they leave the factory. Even if they are not equipped with the original tire pressure monitoring function, they can also be installed by a third party. Its main function is to let the car owner know the tire pressure in real time and judge whether the tire leaks.
Generally speaking, the tire pressure of a general car is between 2.2bar and 2.5bar (cold car). If it is lower than 2.2bar, it needs to be inflated. Maybe most car owners will choose to go to the nearest 4S shop or auto repair shop for maintenance before filling the tires. After all, it takes a long time to go to the 4S shop or auto repair shop alone to fill the tires. At this time, it is much more convenient to have a car mounted air pump.
When using the 70 mile on-board air pump, it is recommended to start the car first and then connect the power supply of the cigarette lighter, so as to avoid excessive power of the air pump and power loss caused by battery power supply. The inflation pump supports the pre-set tire pressure inflation stop function, such as the pre-set tire pressure of 2.3bar, and then directly inflate. When the tire pressure reaches 2.3bar, the inflation will automatically stop, which can ensure the consistent tire pressure values of the four tires. When I was charging, I found that the noise generated by the 70 mile car mounted charging pump during charging was much less than that of a certain brand of charging pump I used before.
I made a simple comparison. The noise of the 70m car mounted air charging pump is about 72db at a distance of about 1m, which sounds low. The noise of the other brand is about 81db, which is similar to that of the tractor. This may be related to the metal direct drive structure, anode aluminum alloy cylinder, PTFE piston ring and other materials used in the 70mai vehicle charging pump.
It is worth mentioning that there are three common types of air nozzles in the 70 mile vehicle mounted air pump, which can not only inflate cars, minibuses, minivans, motorcycles and bicycles, but also inflate balls, air cushions and toys. When inflating non car, it is recommended to get power from car or purchase 220 V to 12 V adapter.
From the experience point of view, the experience that the 70 mile car charging pump brings me is that the charging noise is relatively small, the heating is low, the charging efficiency is high, and the storage is relatively convenient. It is very suitable for carrying on the car in case of emergency.



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